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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 24, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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she still loves you, vincent. maybe you need to find out if you still love her. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. don't destroy other people's property, make it a fun night. >> worried about fan violence. the mayor makes the rechemical weapons request. just a regular guy in the locker room, how colin kapernick is dealing with the pressure ten days from super bowl xlvii. i was one that put a finger in a bullet hole trying to get a pulse. >> and dramatic word from senator dianne feinstein as she
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unveils a new bill to ban assault weapons. i'm juliette goodrich in. >> cbs 5 reporter tells us he wants them to do some officiating of their own during the big game. >> the mayor and bartenders know they have a lot of power on game day. oftentimes, they are the first line of defense against mayhem. >> if the niners win the super bowl -- >> are you from back east? >> sorry about that. when the niners win the super bowl, san francisco mayor, ed lee, does not want a repeat of this. what he called knuckle heads after the giants won the world series last year. they set fire. they will have extra cops on parole, but the mayor released
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this statement saying he expects a peaceful super bowl sunday in san francisco, encouraged bar and restaurant owners to use their best judgment when serving alcohol and not serve visibly intoxicated patrons. >> i think to myself, no duh. >> exactly. that's our point of view. >> at clooney's pub, they'll be keeping a close eye for troublemakers. >> let's have a good time. have some drinks, be safe. don't destroy other people's property, you know. make it a fun night. >> on 24th and van nest, bartenders won't hesitate to cut you off if you're drunk. >> respect the city. being a bartender, we won't tolerate any people. especially not here anyway. >> as sfpd says, let's not tear down the city. let's show the world we are high class. >> so after the niners beat
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the falcons, you tweeted, celebrate with respect. something to keep in mind as they are trying to get the super bowl to come here in 2016. live in san francisco, kit doe, cbs 5. >> i'm getting the feeling that a lot of fans will police their city. they see somebody doing something, they'll say, knock it off. >> dennis o'donnell is here to show us how, plus, colin kapernick on those much talked about tattoos. >> it's amazing how this guy has taken the nfl by storm. who is going to get a tattoo? colin kapernick is the talk of the bay area after leading his team to the super bowl. the second biggest sports star might be the tattoos. it's the art of kapernicking. the quarterback kiss on the tattoos of his bicep has become a big trend. it has become a discussion point among the entire nfl
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since he became the team starter in november. kapernick was asked about which tattoo was his favorite. >> probably the one on the inside of my arm that says, my gift is my curse. i just feel like that's something that applies to my life in many different ways. i mean, being an nfl quarterback. there's a lot of advantage, there are a lot of doors that open, but at the same time, you are under a lot of scrutiny, there are a will lot of things you can't do as well. >> you don't have to worry about the 49ers being too tight before their biggest game of the season. ♪ [ music ] yeah, offensive lineman, joe daily, and mike competed in a dance promote a video game. it was clear who has the best moves. >> by far, i had the most rhythm. i don't know if anybody noticed
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that, but i was killing that danceoff. i'm the challenger. you have to come over here and get some. >> i thought you had something on you. >> i know you don't mean that. i know that. >> my interview with alex just part of a jam packed all-star lineup. policy, dan bonds is on the show. tomorrow night, super bowl preview 7:00 right here. our sister station, cbs 5. >> you got carmen to come out. >> carmen is the best. he puts it into perspective. he goes back. >> been there, done that. thank you. >> all right, dance moves are one thing, but cbs 5 reporter learned firsthand, coach harbaugh isn't about to let anyone sneak a peek at the 49ers fancy foot work on the field. >> we are one day closer to the super bowl. one day more of super bowl excitement, and super bowl intensity. coach jim harbaugh was concern about our live truck and our
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mass cam on the top of our transmission tower. we are able to take pictures with a camera located up there. i can assure you, we were not taking pictures of your practice. it goes to show you that this is intensity and this is possibly an indication that jim harbaugh may have a couple trick plays for his brother when they play in the super bowl. in santa clara, cbs 5. some people selling 49er merchandise are feeling paranoid as well. much of the stuff is counterfeit. it was officially licensed, but custom confirmed it was not. one agent said the bargain prices are no bargain at all. >> downside is, you're not getting a genuine product. the quality is probably not good. there may be chemicals that are not approved to be used. >> official nfl gear will have
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a hologram, and a higher price. it distributes it among the franchises, including the 49ers. and lots of people sending us pictures of their 49er finest, especially the littlest of fans. here's a picture sent in by winn of his little guy. he says, he's keeping up with the tradition in that family. and speaking of all in the family, this is the family, ready to root for their one and only 49ers. we would like to see your photos, too, e-mail them to us at or upload them to our website. leading all the way up to super bowl sunday. >> we are are following breaking news. a man in his 30s stabbed multiple times. it happened in front of an apartment complex on south side drive off monterey highway. police are looking for four suspects between 18 and 20
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years old. they may have taken off in a gray van seen leaving the area. the victim was taken to a local hospital. his condition is not known at this time. checking other bay area headlines, new surveillance video shows scammers targeting an elderly woman for her money and valuables. it's another in a series of crimes targeting the chinese community. police say the victim lost nearly $50,000. the crooks convinced their victim they are cursed and can only get it lifted if they pay up. some people in san jose tell us they recognize the suspect in an attempted kidnapping. it happened on 33rd last friday morning. surveillance video capturing the man trying to kidnap a 13- year-old girl as she walked to school. the teen fought hard and was able to break free. police are still trying to find him. and in san francisco, police are looking for the robbers seen in this video.
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investigators say the two men pulled a gun on workers and stole prescription drugs last week. one in the richmond district, the other in the sunset. no one was hurt. senator feinstein is again leading the charge for a federal assault weapons ban. she introduced that bill today. one that is even tougher than the one that congress let lapse in 2004. cbs 5 reporter, brian hackny on why she is pushing ahead despite a slim chance of success. >> for dianne feinstein, it's personal. >> i became mayor as a product of assassination. >> they both have been shot and killed. >> the death of her colleagues, including the first openly gay public official was so traumatic, she rarely discusses it. but here, she answered in
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graphic detail. >> i was the one that found the supervisor's body and i tried to get a pulse. once you have been through one of these episodes. once you see what the crime scene is like, it isn't like the movies. it changes your view of weapons. >> she put on an elaborate event. display ten different types of assault weapon. the kind of rifle the shooter used to murder children in newtown. assault weapons were designed for and should be used on our battlefields. not on our streets. >> the proposed legislation would prohibit the sale, trough, and importation of more than 150 assault-style weapons. and ban large capacity magazines. but to appeal to gun owners, it
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keeps most handguns and 2200 rifles. how are you going to go hunting with something like that? nothing left to eat. >> also here, family members and victims across the country was shot in a veer man class at virginia terek. >> i have a bullet in my head. it is 1 mm away from my brain cell. >> feinstein is realistic about the slim chance this assault weapons chance has of passing. >> if anyone asks today, can you win this? the answer is, we don't know. it's so up hill. >> but pushing gun control is a white house campaign style effort. vice president joe biden held a social media town hall. a google hangout to rally support. >> make your voices heard. this outfit, this town listens when people rise up and speak.
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>> cbs 5. a community convenience with a dark side. >> they are creating jobs. what they didn't tell us is they are creating a lot of fines. >> what one bay area leader wants to do. >> and shark tank rocking again for the first time since last april. why so many people are winners even if the sharks lose. >> find out which bay area city saw more rain today than the entire rest of the month combined. take a look at the bay lights. your forecasting up. ,,,,,,,,
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women who want to serve in military combat it won't happen right away, but it will happen. women who want to serve in military combat roles and meet the fitness requirements will be permitted. defense secretary, leon panetta, making the announcement that will open 200,000 jobs to female soldiers and marines. just the chance is progress. >> sends a message, we aren't going to treat people differently. we are going to treat people based on their capability. >> it will be phased in. the branches of the military have until january 2016 to seek special exceptions for jobs that should remain off limits for women. world war ii ended decades ago. we usually think about it in black and white. some newly discovered photos are showing the war in a new light. life magazine opened up its archives and posted these color photos today. they show american soldiers,
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snapshots before and after d day. a kodak invented color film, but war photos were easier to process in black and white and transmit home. california is back from the brink. those words from the governor during an enthusiastic state of the state address. he promised continued education reform, holding the line on college tuition, and pushing the high speed rail project through. the end of the day, the address was mostly about one thing. >> living within our means. not spending what we don't have. the people have given us seven years of extra taxes. let's pay down our debts and store up reserves against the leaner time that will surely follow. >> brown's speech was upbeat, he faces a fight, even within his own party, over proposals. including funding poor schools at the expense of wealthy
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suburban districts. some businesses that rolled the dice on an iffy sales tax, it may soon be out of luck. the internet cafes are basically casinos in disguise. cbs 5 reporter tells us they soon may be going dark. >> internet cafes don't try to hide what people do inside. you can see customers play sweep stakes games, ranging from video slot machines to poker. >> i have won $250 three or four times. >> have you lost money? >> oh yeah. >> alameda county supervisor says these stores are fine for online gambling. >> they think they are doing the community a favor. what they didn't say is they are creating a lot of crime. >> the state recently declared these cafes illegal operations. now, local authorities are trying to shut down all five
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internet cafes, using a land use aired nines. ron doyle says he'll sue the county to keep his operations open. he owns five, including two in this county. >> we are a computer store. people buy computer time as an incentive to use our computer time, we give them free sweep stakes. >> customers say these places are fun and addictive. >> maybe six or seven hours a day? >> yeah. >> i bring my son here. he doesn't play. he can go on facebook or whatever. >> neighboring businesses say these stores attract the wrong crowds and scare their cust hers away. >> we've been fighting this over a year. >> the county hopes to have all five cafes closed in a few months. the lawsuits could push them back. cbs 5. >> you know, i'm looking at
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more rain today than i thought i was going to see. >> bonus rain fall. sometimes you get an area of low pressure cut off from the jet stream. they can really throw a wrench in the forecast. we had a couple wrenches thrown in our direction today. it was not the time along the corridor. all the way down to san jose, you got a half an inch of rain. a few light showers remain, down toward plea canton, and up in the range. we have a few light showers. things are winding down considerably. how about san jose? the first 23 days of january, you had .3. you had more rain today than the previous 23 days. let's take you to san jose today. music to many businesses ears down in the south bay and outside the stadium right now, we have mostly cloudy skies. we do not have any rain fall.
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cloud cover sticks around. that will keep us milder. san jose down to 48. concorde, livermore, mid 40s tonight. what is a cutoff area of low pressure? the main focus is way up here. it is spinning and not following any rules. so instead of moving to the south, it is hanging pretty close to us off the southern california coastline and continuing to feed moisture into the bay area. that's why i can't take the shower chance out tomorrow. low pressure can clogs, especially east. high pressure pileds in. look where the arrows are coming from, it's going to be chilly. clouds will keep us milder for the next couple of nights. slight chance of a shower on
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sunday before a pattern change comes next week and the sunshine comes back for all of us. 06. san jose despite the slight shower chance. fremont 62. redd wood city 62 degrees. vallejo, f 0. maybe dwru are heading out tonight, a low in the upper 40s. how about your weekend? saturday dry, upper 50s. sunday slight chance of a shower. there's that cooler weather, low 50s for highs on sunday. sunshine is back next week and back to 60 degrees for wednesday, to set up for super bowl sunday, is looking very dry for the bay area. also dry in louisiana. pull the tv outside. that's an idea. >> all right, thank you, paul. from facebook founder to political fund riser, the east coast candidate as a guest of
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mark zuckerberg. >> these are the dogs decked out to watch the game. fans come in all sizes, of course, like little lelo and josh joshua has the hat on. he is ready to go. >> glenn will be along. live coverage. your super bowl begins at 5:30. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's a fundraising party fow facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg, created a new event. it's a fund raising party for chris cristie's reelection. the young billionaire and the republican governor have been working closely since 2010 when zuckerberg donated $100 million to boost some of new jersey's
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troubled schools. the fundraiser for cristie is scheduled next month at zuckerberg's estate. it is game day in san jose and it's not just the sharks that are back. tonight, they play the phoenix coyotes in the first nhl home game in more than nine months. while fans may have missed hockey, restaurant owners say they missed the booming business that the sharks bring to downtown san jose. aka, the fans. to get ready, the restaurant bought $1800 of new plates. >> the waiters and servers and buskers, but the businesses. you see how people are struggling out here. that helps us out. >> you wonder how important home games are? an economic report estimates that each sharks game brings in $800,000 in spending outside the arena. coming up, dennis o'donnell
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will have all the highlights of tonight's home game. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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games in his five year care. and even after leading baltimor the super bowl. does it botr him that he's stil ravens quarterback, joe flacco, no interceptions, where is the respect? >> boy, that's the story of my life. no respect. >> i really don't care. you know, there's guys out there that have to make a living. hating on somebody, if that's going to be us, if that's going to be me, i plan on being around for a while and if you want to continue to do it, i'll be here. >> sharks back on the home ice. san jose trailing 3-2. martin rebound, ties the game at 3. now less than two minutes left
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in the game. hey, jumps and scores. san jose would win 5-3. college basketball, rolled in colorado. cardinals turned it over. buffaloes win. and the bears with a big night. 23, including the three ball. bears win 62-57. finishing the night, out to nicholson. u.s. wins in portland. >> no respect. >> have a good night, we'll see you at 11:00.


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